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Do you need a stonemason?

Standing Stone Masonry is an owner-operated business, located in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, and serving Central Vancouver Island. We provide a high level of quality in customer service and in our construction. Our reputation isn’t built on craftsmanship alone, but upon the idea that each client should feel pride of ownership when the job is done. We believe good work can be both functional and beautiful. Check our Photo Gallery to see what we mean. Former clients are also willing to provide references.

Natural stone and brick

We will undertake repairs to worn work, additions to existing work, and new construction. We do mortared and dry-laid stone. We build hearths, homes and habitats with real rock and brick—not commonplace ‘cultured' concrete. It takes time to acquire the skills and tools of the traditional mason, and we're pleased to keep them. Standing Stone puts it all ‘up right':

  • Natural stone veneer
  • Barbeques and outdoor ovens
  • Fireplaces and hearths
  • Freestanding and retaining walls
  • Garden follies and objets d'art
  • Pillars, pilasters and gate posts
  • Patios, paths and steps.
  • Interlocking concrete paver (ICPI certified)

It's the real thing

We're biased, sure, but many people believe stone is beautiful. Remember when you last saw a real stone fireplace or heavy retaining wall? Didn't it feel homey and enduring? Now consider how you might feel knowing that the material supporting your mantelpiece or cladding your home was fake. Your house is an investment, and realtors will tell you that natural stone is a feature which can increase the resale value of a property by an average of 6%—a good return on your money. Better yet, stone doesn't date itself, or need painting, and it never falls off.

Art with function

But you know what? Lotsa rock hoppers say these same things. What makes Standing Stone stand out is a sense of design. Our forte is telling stories through stone which involve you in some way. New construction offers a chance to create something which not only solves a problem, but which fulfils a dream or expresses an idea. Yes Virginia, the rocks can talk! And so should you, when your project is complete.

Advantages of a Memorial Bench in Calgary

Have you ever noticed sometimes that the benches at the cemetery sometimes have markings on them sort of like a quotation of sorts? That is because they are marked with memorial quotes of those who have passed away.

Memorial benches in Calgary are used to commemorate a person who has died, sometimes for those who have served in the army. These are typically made out of wood, metal, stone or other synthetic materials. These can be found anywhere, maybe in a park or inside a cemetery.

Actually any public place that you would want to place them in, but one of the most common places that you can find these is in a garden somewhere that is open to the public. You have the option to place them inside a private crypt where you have buried your deceased loved one or you can put it out in public where other people can appreciate it.

Usually, these memorial benches are quite expensive, and are more appropriate if you have a family member that has served in the military that was killed in battle. You can use these benches to remind you of their service, but then again, it is allowable to use it for someone you want to keep in your memory for a long time, kind of like a physical representation of the person who died.

There are many advantages of using a memorial bench in Calgary, if you have been wondering how to get one, and what purpose it serves, here are some points that you should look into before deciding to get one for your deceased loved one:

  • It will look better than typical tombstones - most people like to use the traditional tomb stone to represent their loved one or a typical urn, but you also have the option to turn it into a memorial bench so that if you have a family gathering, you will all have a place to sit that can remind you of the person who died. These are great if you have a huge family, but if you are going to keep it out in public, it will be a good way to show people how much that person meant to you and your family members.

  • You can design it any way you want - what's great about these benches is the fact that they can be designed and personalized based on the personality of the person that passed away. There are a lot of varieties that you can try when it comes to designing the bench, you can experiment with marble, stone, metal, anything you like for as long as it is within your budget and approved by the cemetery. If you are going to go with a more distinct design like something that you think will make the person's grave look more dramatic and exciting, you will end up spending more than you should, but if it means that its going to look good on the grave, it will be guaranteed that all the money you have spent on making it look beautiful will all pay off in the end.

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